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High Quality 8ft Marine Foam Floating Beer Pong Table The table is the only 8ft floating beer pong table on the market today.Whether you are seeking a dorm beer pong table, a portable beer pong table for your beer pong league, the accessories to maximize your beer pong game, or a cornhole board for corporate functions, custom t shirts or pong balls we can help you find the perfect.

We ripped the sport of beer pong out of the college basements and made it the mainstream game it is today.The invention is portable where it can be broken down, carried or stored in a bag, or other suitable.First, the cup holders do not allow for the cups to be level and touching at the rims.

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Beer pong tables that have been designed for the pool have taken many approaches from inflatable rafts with cup holders to flat foam tables with cup holder cutouts.

On a table, beer cups are lined up and used as goals for each time who throw a ping pong ball and try to land it in the cup.


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Its ultrasonic waves make the foam come out as if it were freshly brewed beer. - A large choice of beer pong products and

All tables are made of lightweight but sturdy foam for maximum durability and portability.

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Includes 6 ping pong balls and cup holders for a full 10 cup beer pong setup.

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This floating table is made out of the same marine grade foam used on high quality boats and aqua products.This pocket-friendly device teaches your kids about money in a fun and engaging way.

And since a party often includes beer pong for many (young) people.

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The GoPong Portable Beer Pong Table is great for tailgating, house parties, bars, fraternities, and more.

No matter if you are playing it as an adult or family game, the scoring of the game is the same: 1 point (or cup) for getting your ping pong ball into the cups, 2 points (or cups) for getting it through the hoops and into the cups.The manufacturer has increased the durability by using aluminum which is known for its lightweight characteristics.

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This pong table has a high-strength aluminum frame, and a sturdy waterproof MDF surface, which ensures longevity.Includes securing hooks to ensure the table stays folded while in transit.Buy now from Amazon Just as the name suggests, the GoPong is a foldable table that one can carry around.You will quickly find out there are dozens of different designs, price ranges, features and much more.

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Additional planar members of a modular nature that facilitate multiple concurrent beer pong game sessions.One embodiment employing the unique method of connecting modules for use in a toy construction set.

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